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These clients had huge dilemma.  They purchased a living room set (Matching loveseat and coordinating tables) from Wicke’s three years ago.  Wicke’s has since closed and there's no one to service them now. The sofa, as you can see in the “before” shots below, was in much need of repair. The frame was broken in many spots and was damaging the fabric.  They had two options. They could buy a new sofa or repair this one.  The problem with either of those choices is the expense.  To top it off, a new addition is coming to the family and money is really tight. 


With money being an issue, I offered another solution. I repaired the frame components and beefed up the sofa to make it usable again at a half of what they'd have spent on a brand new sofa. They will address the seat cores later when additional money is available.


With damages like this....

Damaged Upholstery


...repair begins from the frame up.

Upholstery Damage Needs Repair to Frame
Frame Repair for Upholstery
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