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David L Grass


Insist on a Specialist!

DLG Furniture Services will do its best to ensure that our customers are getting the fullest level of service that exceeds their expectations. We will provide service that displays moral and ethical practices, integrity, honesty and quality toward our clients and their customers.

David L Grass:                                                               

While working with many well known Chicago based furniture retailers, I’ve observed that many companies and individuals need the unique services that I can offer from time to time in their daily operations. Furniture is a unique product.  It is impacted daily by many factors such as manufacturing, packaging, transportation, retailer handling to customer usage.  Many outside factors can affect the beauty of our furnishings, whether they’re from daily use to natural disasters or just needing to be spruced up.  And to top it off, in today’s budget conscious economy there is a new focus on maximizing our investments, budget cutting, coupled with our intense awareness of the impact on our environment and the need to be more conservative of our natural resources, people are looking for solutions.  That’s where I can help!

I began "at the bottom" of the furnishings industry more than 30 years ago.  I was told by an Italian bricklayer to learn a “trade” and my grandfather and uncles were in the painting business.  Coupled with being a musician (guitar player) repairing furniture became my career choice. That continued on with companies like Homer Brothers, Polk Brothers, John M. Smyth’s Homemakers, Harlem Furniture, Plunkett’s, American Home Furnishings, Montgomery Wards, Rhodes and Room & Board. Through the years I've established a solid reputation for quality workmanship coupled with intense customer service, quality control and manufacturing knowledge.

I apply both “old world and state of the art” repair methods to provide all my customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service.  Whether enhancing, refinishing or touching-up your furniture, I use advanced technology, products and processes to eliminate years of hard use, neglect as well as casualties like floods and fires. I take great personal pride in the ability to restore your wood items to their natural beauty and strength.

Let's discuss your project. Whether you want to simply extend the usable life of an individual piece, rejuvenate a family heirloom, or refinish and/or enhance a room full of furnishings, I guarantee satisfaction to the best of my abilities.

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